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  • Eighth Grade Families Share Laughter and Tears at Kinship Project Evening

    Posted April 9, 2014

    The fifth annual Kinship Project, an iconic 8th grade research and writing project, ends in an evening of sharing and story telling for the entire family. All students, parents, grandparents, and alumni are invited to get up and tell a three-minute story from their lives. The eighth graders have spent six weeks interviewing their parents and other relatives, gleaning details of family history and recording stories, and then producing a final paper that includes the interviews and a family album.

    The stories shared at this annual event range emotionally from hilarious or anecdotal to tragic, and April 3 was no exception. Language arts teachers Jennifer Baumer and David Jefferies each shared a story of their own. Said Ms. Baumer, “Students apply all the skills they've learned through the years to their own narrative. This project is in many ways the culmination of the BHDS writing curriculum.”


  • Purim Unmasked: Celebrating Jewish Diversity

    Posted March 19, 2014
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    The school celebrated Purim on March 14 in all the traditional ways—song, dance, Megillah reading, Purim shpiel, talent shows, food, and a carnival—but with a new emphasis. Led by representatives from Be'chol Lashon ("In Every Tongue") and assisted by BHDS parent volunteers, a variety of hands-on learning opportunities enabled students to sample the amazing gamut of Jewish ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity that exists both locally and globally. Students in grades K through 8 rotated through cooking, crafts, and learning activities designed to deepen their awareness of the extraordinary variety of Jewish tradition and practice. MORE PHOTOS

  • Presenting the prototype and soliciting feedback from teachers

    Sixth Graders Design Submersibles for NOAA Contest

    Posted February 12, 2014
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    In response to a simulation challenge issued to middle school students, sixth graders have designed prototypes of submersibles according to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) specifications. The devices are designed to measure the flow and direction of ocean currents at various depths, to take salinity and temperature measurements, send data back to scientists, survive under high pressure and salt water, be inexpensive, use little energy, and be environmentally friendly...


  • Kindergarteners Mark 100th Day of School

    Posted February 12, 2014

    On Monday, kindergarteners celebrated the 100th day of school! To celebrate, students created necklaces, some made up of 100 beads, others of 100 fruit loops. They also put together their own trail mix, made up of 10 pieces of 10 different ingredients. The kindergarteners also discussed what they would do with $100 and made many other arts and crafts. The celebration concluded by eating a cookie cake with “100” written in icing.

  • Eighth Graders Receive Spice Boxes in Honor of Their B'nai Mitzvah

    Posted February 5, 2014

    Last Friday, we began a new tradition for our middle school students upon completion of their bar/bat mitzvah. It had been tradition for Brandeis Hillel students to receive a spice box at their bar/bat mitzvah from one of our teachers. Last year we shifted away from having this tradition take place in synagogues on Shabbat and have since reestablished this tradition within the school setting so that all the students’ teachers can be present along with the broader BHDS student community. The recipients of this first ceremony were our entire eighth grade class. This newly designed ceremony allows teachers to have the opportunity to bestow their blessings on our students, giving them both spiritual and emotional gifts in addition to the tangible spice box. MORE PHOTOS

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Wed Apr 23

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HOS Search Parent Forum w/Wickenden Associates

Location: Beit Midrash
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HOS Search Parent Forum w/Wickenden Associates

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7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
Thu Apr 24

Class of 2015 High School Admissions Orientation Meeting

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Fri Apr 25

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Sat Apr 26

Maya Sheinfield-Kandel Bat Mitzvah

Sun Apr 27

Eighth Grade Israel Trip

Thru: Sunday, May 11, 2014

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