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  • Second Graders Learn Programming, Create Sukkot Stories

    Posted September 30, 2014

    Second grade has been working this week on learning introductory computer programming skills using Scratch Jr., an iPad app created through a collaboration between the Developmental Technologies research group at Tufts University and the Lifeflong Kindergarten group at MIT. By using this app, the students are learning about the importance of sequencing to create computer programs. The students are working diligently to create Sukkot stories that will demonstrate some of the skills they have gained over the course of the week.

  • First Graders Get Hands-on at Hidden Villa

    Posted October 7, 2014

    Last week, the first graders went on their first field trip of the year to Hidden Villa. Hidden Villa, a hands-on educational farm in Los Altos Hills, provided our students opportunities to touch a wool sweater on the hoof, taste a root, and pet various farm animals. In the garden, students learned the importance of plants and got to smell, feel, see, and taste various herbs, vegetables, and fruits. In addition to petting the farm animals, first graders felt freshly laid eggs and watched a big pig eat its messy lunch! The farm tour gave our students the chance to see, directly at the source, what their families buy at the grocery store. MORE PHOTOS

  • Third Grade Writers Use "Spider Legs" for Much More Than Scary Stories

    Posted October 7, 2014
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    In Writer’s Workshop sessions, third graders have been learning techniques for revision, for inserting and elaborating on details, and for getting to the heart of a story. In one revision strategy—called “Spider Legs”—students write revisions/insertions on slips of paper, then tape them to the sides of their yellow-pad story drafts. Said Lori Galante, general studies teacher, “Writers are no longer drafting many ideas in their notebooks, but rather learning strategies to make one story better. Our writers have now chosen their favorite small moment to revise.” Having rehearsed this chosen moment with their writing partners (by telling it out loud), the students are now writing “discovery drafts.”

    In a guided inquiry session, students consulted with their current “mentor text,” Come On, Rain, to analyze what author Karen Hesse did to make her writing so strong, and then turned to other mentor texts to learn how to write strong leads . . .

  • Students Participate in Tashlich, Reflect on Hopes for the Coming Year

    Posted September 30, 2014
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    This week, our students in each village (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) took part in Tashlich, the ritual casting off of symbolic sins using bread or seeds thrown into a body of water. In the K-2 village, students received a visit from Rabbi Shalom Bochner, who shared information about Yom Kippur and the ritual they were about to perform. The middle school students and the 3rd through 5th grade villages walked to Lake Merced during tefillah on Monday and Thursday, respectively, to participate in Tashlich. Our students were given the opportunity to reflect on hopes for the coming year and throw a piece of bread into a pool or lake.

    “We fast on Yom Kippur because it’s like if there is a big chocolate chip cookie in front of you, you won’t be able to concentrate on anything besides the cookie,” exclaimed one kindergartener...MORE PHOTOS

  • Fifth Grade Classrooms Transform into Engineering Firms

    Posted September 30, 2014

    The fifth grade classrooms have transformed into engineering firms to study and build simple machines. Working with Legos, the fifth grade students built rigid structures and explored how an anchor point can ensure structural integrity. Most recently, fifth graders built levers, and coming up they will discuss how levers are used in the world! MORE PHOTOS

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