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  • San Francisco in Bloom

    Posted March 19, 2015

    We are pleased to announce, San Francisco in Bloom, a celebration of our unique city and fundraising opportunity to "plant the seeds" for our vibrant future. For more information, including tickets, click HERE. To bid on our online auction, click HERE.

  • Second and Seventh Graders Participate in Hands-On Activities about Japan

    Posted March 25, 2015

    Second and seventh graders came together for a collaborative learning event centered around the topic of Japan, as the two grades were each studying various aspects of Japanese culture, language, and history. In two lessons, seventh grade students taught the second graders about the Heian Period culture or feudal Japan, leading the second graders in grade level-appropriate hands-on learning activities. Stations included calligraphy, using sumi-e (the materials for traditional ink-wash painting); Japanese tea ceremony; traditional Japanese geisha makeup; Japanese sports and martial arts; and mochi making, among many others. Both the second and seventh graders are now experts on Japanese culture and history!

    "The Japan Fair taught us things that we did not learn in 2nd grade, like history and even more details about traditions and culture," said second grader Kaia B. "I really enjoyed learning about training to be a samurai, because we learned that samurais had to walk in ice and hold a hard pose for a long time, and we got to do the same thing!" MORE PHOTOS

  • Middle School Students Choreograph Indian Folk Dances in P.E.

    Posted March 25, 2015

    If you had walked passed the gym recently, you would have heard Indian folk dancing playing. The middle school students just completed a new unit in P.E.: Indian dance. Jessica Stanton—high school dance teacher, professional dancer, and wife of P.E. teacher Spencer Stanton—taught our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders 12 different dance steps of Bhangra, a type of Indian folk dance. After learning and practicing the steps, groups of 3-4 students created their own choreography for a two- to three-and-a-half-minute dance routine. This new unit was selected by the middle school P.E. department because "it is high energy and would help the students meet their moderate to vigorous physical activity recommendations," said Mr. Stanton. And the students had fun trying this new activity!

    Said eighth grader Sydney C., "I liked all the dancing. It was fun and different from the sports we usually do, and we've never done dance before. It's pretty physical and you get a good workout doing it." MORE PHOTOS

  • Sixth Graders Design Prototypes of Ocean Exploration Vehicles

    Posted March 18, 2015

    Sixth grade science students were charged with designing submersible ocean exploration vehicles. After many hours designing their prototypes in the lab, teams of students sought feedback on their models from faculty members and administrators.

    The design goals were that the vehicles must be able to
    move up and down in the water
    measure water temperature and salinity at different depths
    measure directions and speed of current at different depths
    get data back to scientists
    survive high pressure and salt water

    The vehicles also had to be inexpensive, use little energy, and be non-polluting to the ocean. MORE PHOTOS

  • Tutoring Elective Making a Difference in the Lives of Young Students

    Posted March 18, 2015
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    This semester, twenty-six 7th graders are participating in a tutoring elective at Lomita Park School—a Title 1 school—where they engage with, and read to, the kindergarten students. This elective was coordinated by Judaic studies teacher Jody Bloom and the Jewish Coalition for Literacy (JCL), after the 7th graders asked for a way to make a difference in the community. These students received three hours of tutor training by JCL Reading Specialist Joan Green: this training taught our seventh graders how to best read with little children, what expressions and emotions to use, how to be patient, and many other reading techniques. When asked why she enjoys this elective, seventh grader Shanie R. exclaimed, “It’s important for everyone to have an education and it’s important for everyone to learn how to read. I want these children to enjoy reading as much as I do.”

    Our students have formed a special bond with their buddies, and the excitement in the room is palpable when BHDS students and Lomita Park students are working together. “This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to engage in active reading,” says Lomita Park kindergarten teacher Carolina Orlando. “My students practice their reading and asking skills. They are being exposed to great role models and forming relationships with people they may never otherwise meet.” Read on for more information... MORE PHOTOS

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