Or Hadash Award


 “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


BHDS is tremendously grateful to the many volunteers on both of our campuses who keep our community strong and help our school programs and events run smoothly. The Or Hadash Award honors and acknowledges the importance of volunteerism at our school. 

Each year, parents, faculty, and staff are invited and encouraged to nominate one or more deserving individuals for the Or Hadash (New Light) Award.  This award is administered by the Parent Associations, and presented annually by the BHDS Board of Trustees to an outstanding parent on each campus who gives freely and generously of her or his time to the school community and serves as a model of volunteerism. A nominee from each campus is presented with the Or Hadash at the Annual Board Meeting and Community Celebration in June.

Please take the time to help us identify the priceless parent volunteers in our midst. Together with your help we can acknowledge their contributions. Click HERE to access the nomination form. Nominations must be submitted by end of day, March 27, to be considered.

Criteria for the Or Hadash Award

The Or Hadash Award is given for outstanding work completed by parent volunteers who have demonstrated several or all of the following:

  • Sustained commitment, reliability, teamwork, thoroughness, and heart;
  • Initiative and adding unique value to an activity;
  • Vision – the introduction of an idea or concept to the school that enhances the environment for students, faculty, families, or the community as a whole; and,
  • Being a volunteer role model to the school community.

Past Award Recipients


2014: Melissa Lee (SF) and D'vora Tirschwell (Marin)  

2013: Louella Neyman (SF) and Cheryl Lazar (Marin) 

2012: Dale Boutiette (SF), Sofie Goldstein (Marin) 

2011: Leslie Ticktin (SF), Alyson Geller (Marin)

2010: Stephanie Lauter (SF), Tracey Klapow (Marin)

2009: Susan Berston (SF), Elaine Zimmerman (Marin), Dean McDonald (Schoolwide for graphic design work provided through the years)

2008: Andy Greenberg (SF), Linda Salesky (Marin)

2007: Susan Mack (SF), Valerie Robbins (Marin)

2006: Jennifer Dash (SF), Gene Plaut (Marin), Larry Rosen & Steve Ganz (Schoolwide for work regarding Hurricane Katrina)

2005: Donna Fogel & Julie Moed (SF), Jayne Greenberg & Deborah Stadtner (Marin)

2004: Guy Davidoff (SF), Susan Idell (Marin)