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Our program offers a wide range of electives, designed as extended courses that expose students to experiences outside the core curriculum.  Middle school students have the opportunity to choose two electives per semester. 

Most elective classes culminate in a final presentation, performance, or project at the end of each semester.

Sample Electives

  • Speech and Debate - effective public speaking, understanding of formal debate structure
  • Creative Writing - poetry and short story writing
  • Baking - kitchen management, project management, and final delicious final product  
  • Yearbook -art, publishing, managing digital images, editing the BHDS yearbook
  • Mixed Media Exploration -creating mixed media art pieces
  • Sports Journalism - reporting and writing about athletics and sports
  • Middle School Jazz Band - playing and performing classic jazz compositions
  • Drama - ensemble work on a play presented at Middle School Performance Night


Electives News

  • Middle School Performers Shine on Performance Night

    Posted January 23, 2014

    Middle school students in the drama, music, dance, and band electives regaled a packed audience of parents, siblings, teachers, and friends, in a performance evening that showcased a semester's work. On display in the BIJ social hall were works by the "Make It Abstract" art elective and a computer display by the yearbook elective. Bravo to all the participants! Read on for information about the artwork displayed...

    CLICK HERE to see a video of the dance elective performance.

  • Class painting inspired by Ellsworth Kelly's  "Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance"

    Art Elective Displays "Chance Encounters" in the Lent Gallery

    Posted January 8, 2014

    Students in the middle school elective "Make It Abstract" have been experimenting with chance and abstraction, inspired by several contemporary artists known for exploring random color placement and unplanned effects of their media. Using Ellsworth Kelly's Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance as a point of departure, the class created a group painting by using only three colors apiece and, in turn, randomly placing squares of color on a canvas. They found that the element of chance created surprisingly pleasing color combinations. Read on for more information...