sf ms 2013.jpg Our program offers a wide range of electives, designed as extended courses that expose students to experiences outside the core curriculum.  Middle school students have the opportunity to choose two electives per semester. 


Most elective classes culminate in a final presentation, performance, or project at the end of each semester.

Sample Electives

  • Speech and Debate - effective public speaking, understanding of formal debate structure
  • Creative Writing - poetry and short story writing
  • Baking - kitchen management, project management, and final delicious final product  
  • Yearbook -art, publishing, managing digital images, editing the BHDS yearbook
  • Mixed Media Exploration -creating mixed media art pieces
  • Sports Journalism - reporting and writing about athletics and sports
  • Middle School Jazz Band - playing and performing classic jazz compositions
  • Drama - ensemble work on a play presented at Middle School Performance Night


Electives News

  • Middle School Performance Night Showcases Student Work

    Posted January 29, 2015

    Middle school students in the drama and band electives delighted an audience of parents, siblings, teachers, and friends, in a performance evening that showcased their first semester's work. The middle school band performed "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder, and featured improvised solos by Quinn K. on the alto saxophone and Rowan M. on the trumpet. Drama elective students performed My Homework Ate My Dog. On display in the BIJ social hall were works by many other electives: "Modern Art Movements," "Printmaking," "Spatial Design," and "What's Inside Your Device." Art students displayed Cubist collages, Pop Art–inspired ceramics, Warhol-style portraits, and works of printmaking. Spatial design students collaborated with the drama elective and created the sets for the show. Computer students showed work on computers of taking apart one of several devices as they explored the beauty of the inside of modern electronics. Kol hakavod ("job well done") to all the participants! MORE PHOTOS

  • In the Gardening Elective, Second Graders Learn from Middle Schoolers

    Posted December 3, 2014

    This year a new middle school elective has established fertile ground for organic gardening practices, as older students teach second graders how to plant and tend a produce garden. With the assistance of staff from Urban Adamahan educational farm and community center in Berkeley that integrates the practices of Jewish tradition, sustainable agriculture, mindfulness, and social action to build loving, just, and sustainable communities—the students have established a thriving container garden in the lower school yard, and have sown wildflower seeds in the bordering beds. Here's to a beautiful, healthy harvest in the spring!