Parent Association

Our Parent Association joins parents, students and faculty to create a dynamic, involved and caring school community.  Our parents work together to organize: 

  • Parent education evenings
  • Support for families in need
  • Teacher appreciation meals and events
  • Holiday events
  • Fundraising programs including eScrip
  • Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)projects

Our Purpose

The Parents' Association exists to build community, give parents opportunities to participate, appreciate faculty and staff and celebrate Jewish life and holidays.

Vision 2014-15

BHDS parents of all backgrounds, ages, and capabilities who work both inside the home and outside the home, feel welcome and consider themselves a vital and contributing member of the PA. Parent involvement feels purposeful, inspiring and meaningful. Each participates to his/her own ability and opts-in whenever possible.

Operating Principles 2014-15

  • Remain agile - we accept change as a constant
  • Create a vibe people want to be a part of - participating is cool and rewarding
  • Establish an all hands on deck attitude
  • Set clear expectations; we are an organized, united group
  • Create a wide range of opportunities for engagement 

Questions? Contact us at: