Social Studies

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In middle school, students enrich their understanding of their place in the world by exploring the people and events that ushered in the major Western and non-Western civilizations.

Students gain the knowledge, skills and civic values they need to become active and thoughtful citizens. Research projects, oral and written reports, power point presentations, debates and skits are part of the students' learning experiences. Students also learn from map work, timelines, artistic media and simulations of historical events. 

Grade 6

In sixth grade, students explore history from the dawn of humankind through the rise of the major civilizations to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Grade 7

Seventh grade continues the study of world history to the European Enlightenment. Civilizations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas are covered. The origins of the major world religions are explored.

Grade 8

After their world tour in sixth and seventh grades, eighth grade students return to the United States where they study the origins of our nation.

MS Social Studies News

  • Kindergarteners and Eighth Graders Celebrate Thanksgiving with Feast

    Posted November 26, 2013

    On Tuesday, kindergarten and 8th grade families broke bread together at the annual K/8 Thanksgiving Potluck Feast. The eighth grade students had been planning this event for a few weeks; they organized everything from the evite, to the program, to the decorations. Donning their Miwok regalia, kindergarten students marched in to the social hall and onto the stage while teacher Marni Shapiro played a drum. The students sang songs of thankfulness towards mother earth...MORE PHOTOS

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  • Seventh Graders Create Graphic Novels about Byzantine Empire

    Posted November 6, 2013

    For their culminating project on their unit of the Byzantine Empire, senveth grade students used pictures and illustrations to tell the story of Theodora, empress of the Byzantine Empire and wife of Emperor Justinian I. This project allowed students hoen their creativity and interact with the material. The graphic novels are on display in Mr. Doble's classroom. Students also had the opportunity to create skits about Theodora and Justinian. Video of these skits can be seen here and here. MORE PHOTOS

  • Students brainstorm about their presentations

    Sixth Graders Create Mechanical Dioramas of Mesopotamian Empires

    Posted October 22, 2013

    In sixth grade Social Studies this week, students are creating “mechanical dioramas” (i.e. animated museum displays) illustrating the major achievements of four Mesopotamian empires: the Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Neo-Babylonian. In groups of four, students have assumed the roles of historian, set designer, director, and props manager...

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