Our Spanish program offers a strong introduction to the fundamentals of the Spanish language while also opening students up to other cultures. Through immersion in the language, students develop their ability to communicate in Spanish both by speaking and writing while also learning to understand the language in authentic situations through reading and listening. 

In our active classroom, students learn to speak practical Spanish for various social situations and develop a good grammatical base. Our program also provides opportunities for students to learn about Spanish and Latin-American cultures and traditions as they relate to their own. Through exposure to readings, art, music, film and other cultural events, our goal is to spark an interest that will turn our students into lifelong language learners.


MS Spanish News

  • Third Grade and Spanish Class Join Forces

    Posted December 4, 2013

    The third grade class came across a bilingual (English/Spanish) story in their class reader called Family Pictures by Carmen Lomas Garza. Each page features a painting accompanied by text in both English and Spanish. To better understand the story, eighth grade Spanish students joined the third graders to read the book. As a group third grade students read the English and then eighth graders read the Spanish. Because of the story, both classes were inspired to create a collaborative book of Family Pictures.

  • Middle School Students Create Masks and Sugar Skulls for Day of the Dead

    Posted November 6, 2013

    Middle school students in the Mosaic elective celebrated the Day of the Dead by creating some crafts related to the Mexican holiday. Students partnered up and made plaster molds of their faces to create masks. In the coming week, the students will paint these masks and give their personal touch. In addition, middle schoolers in Spanish class also celebrated this important holiday by making sugar skulls. Using a mold and a giant container of sugar, students filled the mold and made sure the sugar set. Once the sugar set, students used cake frosting to decorate the skulls the traditional way. MORE PHOTOS

  • Ana (Katie) and her poster

    Our First Spanish Project

    Posted February 9, 2012

    Our middle school Spanish students recently integrated all they've learned "en español" through a project centered on one of their favorite topics: themselves! The project included written, oral, and art components, where students introduced themselves through likes/dislikes, their appearance, and other characteristics, and then described two other students. "They used all the vocabulary and skills they've learned," said teacher Ximena Bervejillo.

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  • the classroom decorated

    7th Grade Spanish Class Explores Mexican Cultural Traditions

    Posted November 3, 2011

    Our 7th grade Spanish class has been exploring "cultural anthropology," learning about various aspects of Día de los Muertos, which took place on November 1 and 2. The students watched an intriguing documentary about this festival, specifically from a region in Mexico called Michoacán and learned about the ancient Mesoamerican roots of the day. "We also engaged in a wonderful and illuminating conversation that compared and contrasted this festival with the rich Jewish traditions surrounding commemoration and remembrance," said teacher Ximena Bervejillo.

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