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randeis Hillel Day School offers an engaging, integrated and rigorous curriculum that includes a strong foundation in core academic disciplines: English - with an emphasis on writing, reading and public speaking - Hebrew, Spanish (in Middle School) mathematics, science, social studies and Judaic studies.

In addition, art, athletics, drama, music, technology and outdoor education are important components to enhance the development of our students’ hearts, minds and souls. Developing social and emotional skills are an important part of our program as well and play an important part in our school culture.

BHDS has an overall student-teacher ratio of 9:1; our low student to teacher ratio enables each child to reach his or her full potential. Our instructional philosophy reflects standards developed by the State of California, national teachers’ organizations and our own faculty. Brandeis Hillel’s faculty follow the best practices set by experience, a collaborative approach and the most recent findings in educational research.

Academic News

  • Eighth Grade Tefillah: a Final BHDS Milestone

    Posted June 3, 2014

    Eighth graders led tefillah for their last time as BHDS students yesterday morning. The service was a reflection of their connection to Jewish prayer and community, as well as their recent experiences in Israel. Students introduced some new prayers, both personal and traditional; shared with the community why they choose Judaism; and chanted beautifully from the Torah.

    One student said, “I choose to embrace Judaism because it is one of the things that makes me who I am.” Another noted, “I choose Judaism because I believe strongly in Jewish values.” Click HERE to read all of the eighth graders' statements.

    To close the tefillah, the eighth grade class sang Matisyahu’s song, “One Day,” a moving song about peace.

    Thank you to Nehama Cohen, Dorit Israel, Jesse Scott, Beverly Pinto and the eighth grade parents for their dedication to making this tefillah so very special. MORE PHOTOS

  • Fifth Graders Explore Farm Life and Tide Pools at Skylark Ranch

    Posted May 26, 2014

    For their outdoor education adventure, fifth graders traveled to Skylark Ranch for three days last week with their San Francisco counterparts. After leaving BHDS bright and early Wednesday morning, the students made a stop at Green Oaks Creek Farm to experience farm life, where students learned firsthand about composting, cheese and yogurt making, weed management, and seed sowing. They even had the chance to pick (and then eat) fresh strawberries!

    Then it was off to Skylark Ranch in Pescadero where fifth graders hiked and took in the views of the surrounding area, worked together and climbed the ropes courses, and created and acted in skits around the campfire. The fifth graders also explored the local tide pools and learned about the animals and plants among the sandstone. They ended the day with warm campfire donuts, a BHDS tradition. MORE PHOTOS

  • First Grade Tefillah: A Defining Moment

    Posted May 26, 2014

    Parents, friends, relatives, and guests joyously participated as our first grade class led their first tefillah (service) for the entire school. A special part of the service featured a play the first graders wrote about Shavuot, the holiday celebrating the receiving of the Torah. Following the play, the class shared a video they created about repairing the world shown through the eyes of the super heroes. This semester, first graders have engaged in experience-based learning of tikkun olam linked to science units on animals and habitats, and field trips to natural environments. In a moving conclusion to this pivotal service, parents and students all gathered together under a protective tallit (prayer shawl) for a blessing of gratitude and hope for a bright future. MORE PHOTOS