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randeis Hillel Day School offers an engaging, integrated and rigorous curriculum that includes a strong foundation in core academic disciplines: English - with an emphasis on writing, reading and public speaking - Hebrew, Spanish (in Middle School) mathematics, science, social studies and Judaic studies.

In addition, art, athletics, drama, music, technology and outdoor education are important components to enhance the development of our students’ hearts, minds and souls. Developing social and emotional skills are an important part of our program as well and play an important part in our school culture.

BHDS has an overall student-teacher ratio of 9:1; our low student to teacher ratio enables each child to reach his or her full potential. Our instructional philosophy reflects standards developed by the State of California, national teachers’ organizations and our own faculty. Brandeis Hillel’s faculty follow the best practices set by experience, a collaborative approach and the most recent findings in educational research.

Academic News

  • Students Learn How to Make Olive Oil

    Posted December 17, 2014

    Hands-on learning and meaningful Hanukkah celebrations came together for our second to fifth grade students on Monday when Rabbi Hillel Scop (of Chabad of Mill Valley and former BHDS teacher) showed the students how olive oil is made. Before pressing the olives, students helped Rabbi Scop pit the fresh olives. Once the olives were pitted, students volunteered to press the olives to make oil. Rabbi Scop explained to our students how olive oil used to light lamps, and the oil our students pressed was then used to light a Chanukiah.

    "The flame was really quiet," says Jewish studies Beverly Pinto. Third grade teacher Jeff Krieger added, "The flame smelled like frying and latkes!" This program was coordinated by Beverly Pinto. MORE PHOTOS

    (Photos by Ruth Rosenthal)

  • Hanukkah Songs Light Up Drake Terrace

    Posted December 17, 2014

    The third grade class invited the second graders to join them for Hanukkah singing at Drake Terrace on Tuesday. Students from both classes sang together in front of the senior buddies. Songs performed were Sevivon, Uno Candelica, Light the Candles, I Have a Little Dreidel, and Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah. The seniors even joined in the singing of I Have a Little Dreidel. Following the singing, the second grade class performed the poem "'Twas the Night Before Hanukkah," and the third graders introduced their second grade buddies to their senior buddies. After the second graders departed back for BHDS, the third graders teamed up with their senior buddies to make holiday cards to be distributed to children who will be in the hospital over the holidays. It was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday. MORE PHOTOS

  • Sixth Grade Returns from Engaging and Educational Week at Walker Creek Ranch

    Posted December 10, 2014

    Sixth grade students braved the rain and wind during their outdoor education experience at Walker Creek Ranch last week. Students from both campuses hiked to various locations, from pond habitats to creeks to lush bay/oak forests. In the evenings, students participated in night hikes and the famous “barn boogie.” The sixth graders also participated in a solo hike, where they learned to find their way on their own using information cards that provide clues.

    The curriculum of this experiential education program focused on earth and life sciences: using Walker Creek Ranch and its surrounding area as the backdrop, students studied natural communities and how they survive on the different resources available. These subjects lead into the important areas of adaptation and evolution, which are central themes of middle school science. Walker Creek’s location near Point Reyes allowed students to view the San Andreas fault line during their all-day hike to Walker Peak. It was an engaging—albeit, wet!— week for our students, with many hands-on examples of science all around them. MORE PHOTOS