Radical Kindness

Acts of kindness happen on a daily basis. Students look out for one another, whether taking a friend to the nurse for a skinned knee or helping them with a difficult math problem.

Our community abounds with examples of families helping one another: families cooking meals for those who are sick or who have lost a loved one, "buddy families" reaching out to incoming families, people opening their homes to share holiday dinners together or helping one another with transportation. The objective is to teach children to respect and include others, not just tolerate them.

Yet sometimes, despite our best efforts, radical kindness requires additional support. At BHDS, we confront acts of unkindness proactively — through staff development, parent education, and a dedicated classroom curriculum. We are committed to tackling the tough issue of bullying and to helping our children navigate the social challenges that shape their school experience. If we teach each other how to be radically kind, we can change the world.


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